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Welded Steel Table - Professional Controller - Ohmic Sensing - Arc Voltage Control - Arc Voltage Sampling - Floating Head - Limit Switches - Homing Sensors - Magnetic Breakaway Torch Mount - Shark Tooth Slats - Linear Guide Rails - High Gantry Clearance - Rollaway Wheels - Built in Jack Pads - Powerful Exhaust Fan - Remote Control - Software You Own - No Monthly Fees - No Upgrades - Nesting - Cut Order - Bitmap Trace - Import DXF Files - Tiling - Paneling - FREE Classroom Training

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NEW ArcStar Plasma Table


Welcome to ArcStar. We provide the best quality, easiest to use plasma tables on the planet. We accomplish this by focusing on two aspects of plasma cutting. First, every table we sell is a complete, ready to cut system. Our tables already include all of the extra features that the other guys charge extra for. Second, our exclusive single software design process is the easiest, least complicated and most efficient solution available. One program does everything you need for plasma cutting - it designs, cuts, and nests, all in a single, easy to use program. This means you'll be designing and cutting faster than any other plasma table on the market. Better yet, this is software you own for life, with no hidden upgrade or monthly fees. To top it off, FREE classroom training is included, and is even available on the weekends.



Our box frames are welded from 6" tubular steel. A professional control panel is dedicated to running the table, and includes an integrated library of parts. Every table is thoroughly inspected, and individually test run before leaving our facility. Each comes complete with all the upgrades you could want - ohmic sensing, arc voltage height control, arc sampling, breakaway magnetic torch mount, floating head, rollaway wheels, limit and homing sensors - it's all there.


Ease of Use

Our single software solution is the easiest workflow process you'll find. Other, plasma tables require three different software programs - one for design, one for nesting, and one for control. ArcStar uses only one software program, and it does it all. It designs, nests, adds cut paths, and determines cut order - all in one, easy to use program.



If you're looking for information on a plasma table, you've come to the right place. We know you want to 'buy right' the first time around, and you'll find our customer support second to none. Call us now at (707) 452-8434.



We offer classroom training on select Sundays and Mondays of each month. Training is FREE for all of our customers. Please make sure to call and reserve a spot ahead of time, as space is limited. Of course, our Library page is full of in-depth plasma articles. The Videos page has informative tutorials.


The Table

The frame of the table is the true backbone of a good plasma system. Our frames are welded tubular steel. Our slats are steel 'sharktooth' style, which are stronger and hold the material in place securely, without negatively affecting torch height control. The table top is surrounded by heavy duty ball rollers, making material loading a breeze. Gantry clearance is a whopping 8". Both X and Y table movement uses HIWIN linear guide rails, for precise table guidance. For smoke reduction, our table sides are enclosed, and a high velocity suction fan at the end of the table draws the smoke and fumes away from the user. Collection drawers, located inside the table, conveniently 'catch' any dropped parts. Underneath the table are four industrial roll-a-way caster wheels that allow a single person to easily move the table and then level it with the built in jack pads. Of course all axis are protected by limit switches. And exact repositioning is precise and easy with the built in X and Y homing sensors.


The Controller

The heart of the table is the MicroStep CC-M4D controller. This professional controller allows the user to precisely adjust all the cut parameters. Internal memory allows users to save frequently cut files on the flash drive. This feature allows users to resize, rotate, nest and cut parts without leaving the controller. Ohmic sensing for initial touch off? Included. Floating head backup? Check. Arc Voltage Control for dynamic height sensing during the cut? Built in. And ease of use? The dedicated controller eliminates the need to learn a windows based software program. 


The Software

Each table purchase includes a copy of Vectrics Cut2D PRO software. Software that you own. No monthly fees, and no expensive upgrades. Cut2D PRO does both CAD and CAM, all in one package. Design, add cut paths, nest, sequence cut paths - and all in one, easy to learn software.




M44 Table Brochure

M48 Table Brochure
Frame 6" Welded Steel Aluminum
Professional LCD Controller and Stand YES NO
Remote Control YES NO
Ohmic Sensing YES NO
Floating Head Backup YES NO
Arc Voltage Torch Height Control YES Extra $$$
Homing Sensors YES NO
Protective Limit Switches YES NO
Ball Screw Lifter YES NO
Automatic Torch Monitoring System YES NO
Magnetic Breakaway Torch Mount YES NO
Material Loading Ball Rollers YES NO
Slat Supports Shark Tooth Straight Slats
Linear Guide Rails YES NO
Enclosed Transmission System YES NO
Rollaway / Adjustable Height Wheels YES NO
Built in Jack Pads YES NO
Smoke & Fume Control DRY WET
Exhaust Fan YES Extra $$$
Plasma Cutter Machine Interface YES NO
CAD / CAM Design Software Own It Monthly Fee
Upgraded 'PRO' Version Software Included Upgrade $$$
Nesting YES Upgrade $$$
Custom Lead-ins / Lead-outs YES NO
Designate Cut Sequence YES NO
Tiling of Oversize Materials YES NO
Bitmap Trace YES NO
Automatic Vector Repair YES NO
Phone Support YES NO
Lifetime Tech Support YES NO

The most complete plasma solution available



Discover the details that make ArcStar tables the best:

Heavy Duty Steel box framed tables 6" Welded steel box tube, not aluminum
Professional LCD Control Panel Dedicated controller - no more Windows delays or viruses!
Arc Voltage Torch Height Control (THC) Smoothest cuts, minimizes consumable consumption
Ducted 'dry' exhaust system No toxic soup or 'wet mess' like the other guys
Magnetic Breakaway Torch Mount Protects torch against damage
Automatic Torch Monitoring System Protects table against damage
Precision Rail Transport System HIWIN Linear Guide Rails for the highest precision
Limit and Home Switches Proximity sensors protect all axis from accidental over-travel
Industrial grade, adjustable height wheels One man can easily move the table. No forklift required
Steel "Sawtooth" Slat Supports Less tip-ups, superior material handling
Heavy Duty Ball Rollers Easier material handling
Enclosed Transmission System Superior protection from dust and debris
Remote Controller Remote Control allows easier table positioning
CAD / CAM Design Software Package All-in-one software - one program designs, nests and cuts!
3400 rpm Exhaust Fan Powerful fan gets rid of smoke and fumes

The most complete plasma solution available


Professional Duty 6" Magnetic Breakaway Professional
Welded Steel Frame Torch Mount Controller
Powerful 3400 rpm Ball Rollers Make Parts Drawers
110V Exhaust fan Material Handling Easier Rollaway Wheels
One Shot 'Sharktooth' Style Limit, Homing, and
Oiler Professional Slats Proximity Sensors





4992 Allison Parkway Suite B

Vacaville, CA 95688

(707) 452-8434




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